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"Wow…Nate really knows his magic! The children were mesmerized and the message was delivered in a fresh and exciting way. The show held the kids’ interest with meaningful statistics and information about the 3Rs."

- M. Martin, Recycling Coordinator, Ventnor Elementary School


"This is a must see show! Nate is awesome! Captivating and entertaining! Students and staff had a ball! Thank you!"

- J. Santucci, Principal, Downe Township Elementary


"Nate is especially good with the student volunteers that help during performances. The show is upbeat - with catchy music, great sound effects, age appropriate comedy! Staff learned some things and enjoyed it also!"

- K. Clark, Atlantic City, NJ


"Nate’s show was AMAZING! The magic even fooled me! My students loved the magic, but following the show they were also able to answer all of my questions about the facts and lessons Nate presented! Highly recommended!!"

- T. Monroe, Jordan Road School

"As a teacher of 11 years, I was highly impressed by Nate’s ability to appeal to a full auditorium of children in grades K-2! He has a natural gift for working with children. The children and teachers were fully engaged and roared with laughter many times during his performance! Overall, this performance was one of the best I’ve seen during my time as a teacher!"

- E. Schiavo, Ventnor Elementary School

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