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The 3Rs Magic Show is a 45-minute, magic and illusion-based assembly program, perfect for students in grades K-5! In this fun, educational and interactive show, Magician Nate Unsworth utilizes comedy, magic and illusion to illustrate various facts and lessons related to The 3Rs, keeping your students interested and maximizing the amount of information they retain long after the performance ends!

The 3Rs Magic Show is completely self-contained, which means all props, set pieces, backdrop and audio equipment are transported, set up and broken down by Nate on the day of the show! All your school needs to provide is a space to set up and perform, a nearby power source, and an audience!


Visit the Media section to see The 3Rs in action!


Nate Unsworth is an award-winning magician, actor, fight director/choreographer and voice-over artist from southern New Jersey. A graduate of the University of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre Arts, Nate has been performing for most of his life, and has been performing magic for over fifteen years.

Nate began pursuing magic at a very young age, hooked by a television magic special of grand illusion and manipulation.

He soon became a regular at his local magic shop, eventually landing jobs performing street magic at events such as Octoberfest and Mayfest, which led to a job inside the shop behind the counter. During this time, Nate participated in local magic competitions and received first prize in two different categories.

Nate has utilized his skills as a magician in theatre productions as well, and alternatively, has been able to apply his training as an actor to his magic. He has also served as a magic consultant for theatre and stage productions.

A former employee of and performer for the Family Service Association of New Jersey, Nate has always enjoyed performing for children, and now specializes in performing educational magic for children, as well as performing at children's birthday and holiday parties.
Nate has performed for many different age groups, and children's magic aside, Nate has experience both on stage and in close-up/street magic venues.

Nate currently resides in southern New Jersey with his wife, Tiffany, son, J.J., and daughter Charlotte.


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